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Always using the same hashtags? Stop limiting your reach.

Repeating the exact same hashtags reads like spam to the algorithm.

If you're finding great hashtags only to copy them into your notes app and paste the same ones for every post, you're wasting time and limiting your reach.

With Hashtag Slayer, you can play by the rules and make your posts more effective by increasing your reach with optimized hashtags each time you post.


Discover new hashtags and select them with confidence using our simple search tools.


Manage your hashtags with unlimited collections which you can mix and match anytime.


Our algorithm makes intelligent selections from your collections for a fresh set with every post.


Find the best hashtags in seconds.

Reach new audiences, increase your engagement, and grow your business.

  • Up to 50 suggestions for every search
  • Find the hashtags where you'll rank easiest
  • Likes and comments metrics for every hashtag
  • Quickly copy any hashtag to your collection
Hashtag Slayer easy Instagram hashtag search tools


Leave competitorsin the dust.

Bring context to your Instagram strategy with competitor insights.

  • See your competitors' engagement rates
  • Quickly find their top posts
  • Swipe their best hashtags instantly
Hashtag Slayer Instagram competitor account analysis and search tool


Manage your hashtags on autopilot.

A single place for your favorite hashtags, accessible from any device.

  • Organize hashtags with collections
  • Mix and match collections at any time
  • Optimized sets of hashtags with every post
  • Copy hashtags with a single click
Instagram hashtag collections with Hashtag Slayer


Grow your account safely & easily.

Increase engagement without risky bots or wasting time in your notes app.

  • We only use the official Instagram API
  • Optimizations tailored to your account
  • Automatically avoid banned hashtags
  • Our algorithm improves with every use
Generate maximum reach optimized hashtag sets for Instagram with Hashtag Slayer


Instagram growth without the struggle.

Master your hashtag strategy and let your ideal clients come to you.

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"Omg yessss I’m loving it! It has been so stinking helpful and saves SO MUCH TIME. I stopped posting as much cuz hashtag research took so long. It’s a dream come true 😂"
Christina Smith, Health & Fitness Coach @ChristinaSmithCoach
Health and fitness coach, Christina Smith uses Hashtag Slayer for Instagram

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